We now are accepting weight loss clients in Colorado, Iowa, Ohio, Arizona, Oregon, and Illinois..
We offer treatment with semaglutide, tirzepatide, and more at a GREAT price by experienced professionals.

We are now offering
affordable, body-positive, supportive weight care that focuses on the whole individual

Learn about the medication that people are raving about! Every one of our clients is losing weight. This is an FDA-approved medication for weight management THAT WORKS without all the side effects of adipex and similar drugs.

What We Offer

WeightCare Anywhere specializes in providing wellness services for the WHOLE person in an open, body-positive, non-judgmental, AND affordable delivery model.  We specialize in service to under-served communities and offer quality care to individuals who may otherwise be unable or reluctant to access weight care services.  WeightCare Anywhere is owned and operated by healthcare professionals who are not simply educated in the unique needs of the communities we serve, but are or have been members of those communities ourselves.

We are fully committed to providing services in a way that removes barriers to care.  By utilizing telehealth, we are able to offer our clients high quality personalized services in the comfort and privacy of their own home while offering service hours beyond the traditional 9 – 5. 

We currently serve clients in Ohio, Illinois, Washington, Colorado, Texas, New York, Arizona, and California . Currently accepting new clients ages 18 and up.

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